georges lebar

I paint, plain and simple; my background is in fashion and design, studied in Paris, New York and most recently in Miami. My images are a reference from my history comparing it to the present,art is about exploring life for me.

Microwave of Mascara


Blasphemous influences seem to surround me and press chokingly upon my senses. Microwave of mascara is a glimpse into the reality of our consumer society fighting the “green” effect, melding art, fashion, advertising and commerce into a mythic narrative.


Icon of instant gratification: the microwave. Quick, fast and in-a-hurry survival food for a frenetic society.

Mascara: the instrument of beauty enhancement, perpetuating the illusion of flirty sexuality.

It is popular culture that drives our heightened appetite for the Byzantine: Top models, survival island, blow out.
Give me more entertainment. Amuse me. Tickle me.

Paint me. Adore me.
Pamela Anderson’s personal dancing pole installed on her private jet.
These poles have become the columns of our new church, the church of the media revolution. Hearst was a visionary, squeezing the life out of every moment in time, as
time becomes our new currency.

The new mythology is born: a narrative, a holy script, the new “good news”?

Religion has always been physical, eating flesh, drinking blood, all in the name of redemption.

Even our new Pope wears red Prada shoes under his robe. Churches have always been the greatest art installations, turning themselves into two-dimensional paintings -- composed, positioned and bought.

The machine of modern life, announcing its urgency, its clumpy mascara mask.

The Microwave of Mascara.